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Medbelle is the first digital orthopaedic network of excellence. Receive excellent care from our hand-selected surgeons with personal support from information to aftercare.

What makes us different

  • Highest quality treatment with hand-picked surgeons in the UK's leading hospitals


    Network of excellence

    We have hand-picked an independent network of top orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals to meet every patient's unique health and financial needs.

    Specialised on joint pain

    We focus on hip and knee conditions, ensuring a deep understanding of certain procedures so that you receive the very best care.

    Top-quality surgeons

    We have rigorous criteria for our surgeons to select the best in their field.

    Holistic approach

    We focus on solving your problem and only recommend surgery when it is absolutely necessary. Learn more about the conditions we treat here.

  • Personal patient care adviser takes you by the hand - from information to aftercare


    Feels like your best friend

    Your personal patient care adviser supports you from start to end throughout your journey. Our "PCAs", as we like to call them, ensure you make our patients feel supported, listened and care for every step of the way.

    Talk where you want

    Pick your favourite communication channel - we are available to talk on the phone, WhatsApp, SMS and over email.

    Personal care package

    If you have surgery, you will receive a small surprise after your procedure from your patient care adviser to help you recover.

  • Online information and maximal convenience at every step of the way


    Convenient, multi-media treatment guidance

    We have worked hard to make make your journey accessible online at all times. You can learn more about your procedure in our detailed treatment guides.

    Online surgeon & hospital information and online booking

    You can find detailed information about our surgeons and hospitals, their qualifications, reviews and pricing in your Medbelle profile. Explore all your options and, once you have decided, simply book your (physical or video) consultation online.

    Read about other patients

    Read other patients' stories about their treatments and publish your own story one step at a time.

  • Fixed prices, finance and insurance coverage


    Simple, transparent online pricing for self-pay patients

    We have experienced the pain of intransparent pricing ourselves and are here to change this once and for all. Our self-pay package prices are all-inclusive and pricing is available online in your profile and will only change if you need a different procedure. We also simplify the payment process to ensure you only have to make one payment.

    Finance available

    In case you want to spread the cost of your procedure over multiple years, we provide dedicated finance options through our partnership with Chrysalis finance. Sign up now to check whether you are eligible in less than two minutes.

    Advancing ambulatory care

    Starting in 2020, our ambulatory surgery partner can operate on fitting patients in a day case setting - resulting in faster recovery times and lower costs.

    Covered by all major insurance providers

    Our surgeons and facilities are contracted with all the major insurance providers to ensure you are covered.

Treatments we provide

Learn everything about your procedure in our online guides

Our story

The healthcare system as we know it can often be inefficient, disorganised and overstretched. Its complicated administrative processes make it struggle to keep up with advancing technology, resulting in a bad experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

As the first digital hospital, we are rebuilding the healthcare experience from scratch to provide you with the outstanding level of patient care we would love to experience ourselves.

With our technology, we revolutionise the way patients interact with the healthcare system by providing a highly personal experience from start to finish. With Medbelle, you can enjoy a smooth, pleasant journey whilst allowing your doctors and surgeons to focus on providing you with outstanding medical and surgical care.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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